Thursday, March 1, 2012

And Now, Back to This Station...

This past week has been fairly inactive for my camera. The point-and-shoot managed to come out so we could take pictures of the new blinds we ordered. Unfortunately, our custom blinds were not cut appropriately so we documented that with picture evidence in an email. The company has been great and we will order from them again. But, the photography has been limited.

I realize that this has once again evolved to another blog about my animals so I will keep it short. The only time I managed to get my camera out this week was to take a few pictures of our "kids." I am still working on really getting a handle on taking pictures of purely black dogs. It too is a work in progress so I am assuming that this will not be my last post about my dogs! With that said, here they are:

Kenna (her graying muzzle really shows here). :)

Charlie & Kenna. I wish I had this shot when the sun wasn't out, it definitely affected my exposure and Charlie ended up way too dark.


The sun was behind clouds at this point and I am happier with the exposure.

I would love to hear tips from other photographers about exposure and ideal weather for capturing great pictures of black dogs. All other comments are always welcome. 

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