Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fall Special and Then Some More Special...

It's that time again and never too early to start thinking about your family photos for the Holidays. So, here is the Fall Mini session special!!!! BUT, here is the best part: If you refer two people and they book at the mini session...
                                                               YOURS IS FREE!!!!!

If the slots fill up we will just add another day so refer away. PLEASE share this post, tell them to "Like" my Facebook page and book a session!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The New and the Old

Sometimes the challenge of making each experience unique consists of finding new locations for sessions. I often find myself making mental notes, when I pass a spot while driving, that may just have potential. This night, the light was right, the weather was great, the spot was ideal, and the family was perfect. I truly love this special family and always love taking their photos. You can see a glimpse of why just from these pix.

Perfect ending to a perfect evening. :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shaking things Up

Hello Friends,

I have to share a small part of what has been happening the last couple months in order to really express what a BIG deal this is. I opened Kandid Kanet Photography over two years ago now. Wow! At first my focus was spent on building my digital portfolio and putting my name out there...which is STILL a work in progress! I started a website which left a lot to be desired and begged for a professional touch. So...that's what I started focusing on this past 6 months. Most of you that know me understand my "relationship" with computers is a stressful one. About a month ago I spent over 70 hours updating and researching code in order to begin to shape the site into a little more presentable format. Then...Smugmug, my webhosting company, did a complete overhaul of the system and this started another 40 hours of work to REDO the work I had just done a couple weeks prior. But, for as much work as it took, I am pleased with the results. Smugmug managed to make this a much easier platform to customize and the best part... I don't have to know any code! YAY!

So...The new website has been UNVEILED! Please take a few minutes to look at it by clicking the link below OR the Website button above. I really need your feedback to make this into a user friendly site and hopefully get some more clients. You can use the contact form located at the website to give me suggestions and comments. Will you also PLEASE share the site with your friends and family and tell them to "Like" Kandid Kanet Photography's Facebook page (!

With that in mind, thank you so much for taking this journey with me. It is my hope that now that things are a little more organized I will be able to focus my energy on taking pictures and sharing a lot more of my sessions with you here and on Facebook.