Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weird Windy Wednesday

Colorado decided to get windy today. And when I say windy, I mean I was having flash backs of living in Laramie, WY! I could have rewritten my blog from last week with all the moments I missed out on NOT having the camera. At one point during the day, the wind pushed a parked car over the curb and into a couple of parked trucks at my office. Luckily very little damage was done but it was weird to see. :) Then on my drive home there was an SUV dragging a full backpack underneath the carriage of the vehicle for miles! It looked as though the wind had blown it under the vehicle unbeknownst to the driver. Another weird site to see. As I write this, It feels as though I am sitting in a haunted house as the wind ripples through the windows and doors making for an eerie setting. I am happy I am not alone tonight!

But this weather does make for a good night to curl up on the couch and get caught up on some photography work. I have been spending much of my free time tweaking my logo, design materials and marketing brochures as well as making and ordering props for shoots.  This past week, as I researched roll up wood floors I was discouraged by the price. So I decided to make my own. The process was simple and cost me all of about $20.  We used to have a platform bed from IKEA and the support boards were in our firewood pile. So I retrieved them and bought an $8 can of stain in the color of my choosing from Home Depot and started on my project.

I did two coats total and let them dry overnight in between. Because it is winter, I did it inside but wouldn't recommend that as the fumes were intense at times. 


In order to connect the boards I used a very long ribbon rope and a Staple gun (also purchased from Home Depot for less than $10).  After a couple of days and a little elbow grease here is the finished product! I am please with the turnout and have decided to use the other set of boards to make a dark cherry wood finish one as well.

Although I have been teased in the past for knowing how to Crochet (since I was 4 years old by the way), my previous creations have been given as gifts. This time I decided to create a few things for me. I bought some super soft yarn and have started on some blankets for the newborn shoots.

My most recent acquisitions are these adorable newborn hats! I love them! These fabulous creations were purchased from Brit's Knits. You can find her and more pictures of her awesome creations on Facebook (she is located in Sheridan, WY). Her company name is listed under Britni 'Gibson' Haar in my friends list. She does custom orders and is quick to get them done so I highly recommend her for all you moms and photographers alike!

I am so excited to have the opportunity to use my new products in some upcoming shoots. Be on the lookout over the next few weeks for these little gems to show up in photos! Check out my website at

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  1. Great idea for your wooden floor! Perhaps my little grandchild will be posed in one of those hats soon!