Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So Much Personality, So Little Time...

Sometimes you get those shoots that are almost too much fun. I wish that I had 10 more hours to spend with this little girl and her parents. This was a perfectly warm December day and we took our time and let the sun settle into the afternoon.

At first, we took a few minutes to warm up, which gave us some great bloopers. Like this one: :)

But the truth is, even though she wasn't too into the camera at first she eventually warmed up and I couldn't get enough of this outgoing, friendly, energetic 2 year old. Thank you Nora, for making this a most enjoyable afternoon for me. Maybe next time I can sit by you at the restaurant! :)

As I was reflecting on what to write for this blog post I realized we could all tear a page out of Nora's book. No matter WHAT is going on in our lives, it's ok to take a few minutes to warm up but then it's time to put on a smile and show our best never know who that smile is going to touch.

  As the sun sets, my heart is full.

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